The Master Blaster: Haim Avitsur

Blowing the Shofar is not about brawn or brains. In fact, it’s got nothing do with accomplishments at all. The person chosen to blow the Shofar represents the people and as such must be a man of outstanding character and reputation. Basically, you must be a mentch. (Guy Kawasaki on being a mentch:

One need not be a musician to blow the Shofar; and one need not know how to blow a Shofar to hear in its call personal and relevant lessons.  It’s the simplicity of the Shofar’s piercing cries that uncovers that which lay infinitely deeper than one’s titles, degrees, and accomplishments.

It happens that Haim Avitsur is an accomplished musician who performed on stages around the world.  He lives in New York with his wife and two children and makes a living teaching and performing music written for him.  His latest recording includes a Concerto for Trombone, Shofar and Orchestra by composer Meira Warshauer.

We chose Mr. Avitsur to be the official Shofar in the Park Shofar blower to illustrate that even the most professional and experienced musician, with all his methods and techniques and all his truly noteworthy accomplishments, must strike a more raw, unsophisticated note – at least once a year.

It does wonders for the mind, heart and body.